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Premium 67XXL (6ZA16AN) Tri-Color Inkjet Cartridge fully compatible with the HP Deskjet 2724, Deskjet 2725, Deskjet 2755, Deskjet 2755E, Deskjet 4155E, Deskjet 4158E, Deskjet Plus 4140, Deskjet Plus 4152, Deskjet Plus 4155, ENVY 6020E, ENVY 6030E, ENVY 6055E, ENVY 6075E, ENVY 6452E, ENVY 6455E, ENVY Pro 6420, ENVY Pro 6455, ENVY Pro 6458, ENVY Pro 6475E. The use of compatible supplies does not void your printer warranty. (67XXL, 6ZA16AN)